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Outdoor Shoot Backdrop

We presently offer 35 plus outdoor shoot backdrops which include Day and Night Shoot backdrop - the Studio is open 24 Hours. We understand that every tale is unique thus enabling you to mix and match the sets to bring out your story in the perfect way.


We offer a varied range of props for the shoot. Keeping in mind the uniqueness of each story, we are always willing to customise the props for you to make sure you have the photo shoot of your dreams.


P.S. Smoke Machine, Cold Fire, Coloured Smoke and other such props can also be arranged on request.

The props are available for use without any extra cost.

Air-conditioned Changing Rooms and Makeup Rooms

Behind the story of a perfect shot is always the not-so-perfect hassles of makeup and multiple cloth changes. Keeping this in mind, we have made available four changing rooms on site with 3 stations fitted with a mirror. The changing rooms have been designed in a funky and colourful way which can additionally be used for those behind-the-scenes shot.

Steam Iron is also available in the changing room to make sure you have a crease-less shoot!


Amidst the madness and chaos of the long shoot, you can relax and unwind at the lounge, enjoying Tea/Coffee, Mineral Water, and Cool Drinks. You can even sneak in that quick power nap in this oasis in the middle of the pandemonium.


We take your privacy very seriously! HashTag Studios is located outside the city in blissful surroundings making sure there are no unwanted disturbances. We do not allow any outsiders inside the studio, and hence your privacy is taken care of. Forget about those badgering bystanders and audience. Relax. And give your best pose!